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medicine delivery from india

Delivery from India

Medicines are delivered by EMS. The term is 10-20 days. Preparations are delivered in thermal packaging. The courier will deliver the order to your door, after making a call to the phone number indicated on the shipment.

We form a parcel with your order in a warehouse in India and ship to your address. You will be provided with a track number by which you can track the location of the parcel on the website of the national postal service.

Please note that the parcel from India may be delayed by customs, in which case you will need payment documents that we will provide and a certificate from the doctor that the drugs are prescribed for treatment.

Shipping cost and bank commission - $40.

We deliver to North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and anywhere in the world. Delivery is carried out to the countries: China, Korea, Thailand, Germany, France, Spain, UK, US, Mexica, Brazil and other countries of the world.

Contact us on WhatsApp +62 812 379 353 73, or write in the feedback form, we will tell you everything in detail and answer all questions.

  • Delivery time EMS from India is up to 20 days.
  • If the package is lost, we send a new one for free.
  • The parcel is delivered by the courier to your address at a convenient time for you.