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Sovihep V (Sofosbuvir 400 mg, Velpatasvir 100 mg)

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Buy Sovihep V (Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Velpatasvir 100 mg) at an affordable price

Scientific studies with the participation of people, which were carried out to assess the effectiveness and safety, showed that therapy using Sovihep V was many times more effective than treatment with traditional interferons. The effectiveness of this drug is 99%. At the same time, the new drug on the pharmaceutical market is tolerated by patients much easier than interferons, familiar to many. The duration of the course of therapy when taking the drug Sofokur, which contains one nucleotide analogue (Sofosbuvir 400 mg, Velpatasvir - 100 mg) is reduced to 3 months.

The composition of the Sovihep V medicine
Each dosage form of the drug contains 500 mg of active ingredient. The drug from the Indian pharmaceutical company Emcure is produced in the form of oval tablets from compressed medicinal powder. They are covered with a special protective shell, which only the juice contained in the stomach can dissolve. The active substance of the drug used to treat hepatitis is a nucleotide analogue of Sofosbuvir. The substance has a systemic inhibitory effect on the human body infected with the smallest HCV microorganisms.

Therapeutic indications for use
Experts recommend buying the drug in India for those patients who have HCV. Combination treatment involves taking other antiviral drugs.

The expected result Sovihep has in the treatment of hepatitis C belonging to the first four genotypes. The drug is also prescribed for patients suffering from immunodeficiency virus, hepatocellular carcinoma and soon awaiting liver transplant.

Typically, the drug is prescribed to adult patients who have reached the age of majority for the treatment of hepatitis C. The nucleotide analogue has an inhibitory effect on a polymerase called "NS5B", which is the causative agent of viral disease. As a result of therapy, the activity of the genetic enzymes of the virus decreases, and over time they are completely destroyed, due to which the virus becomes incapable of replication and reproduction, which is why it dies. Ultimately, the activity of the smallest microorganisms decreases, and over time, the genetic enzymes of the virus are completely destroyed, due to which the infectious agent becomes incapable of further development and reproduction in the human body, which is why it irrevocably dies.

Method of application and recommended dosage:
The daily consumption rate of Sovihep V is one dosage form regardless of the meal time. It is not recommended to grind or chew the tablet, it is better to swallow it and drink plenty of non-carbonated water. The duration of the course of therapy depends on the genotype of the HCV pathogen and the patient's population. If necessary, the doctor can change the dosage and duration of therapy.

Order medications for hepatitis
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  • Софосбувир 400мг
  • Велпатасвир 100мг
  • Производство Индия
  • Количество упаковок 3
  • Таблеток в упаковке 28
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